The Ward Six Vision Team

We are a diverse team comprised of neighbours, residents, friends, colleagues, and family that believe in Mark’s character and vision for our community. We are community advocates, business owners, health professionals, educators, managers, administrators, activists, tradespeople, researchers, students and seniors. Mark’s decency and commitment to people, his economic acumen, and his conviction with which he works to advance social and environmental issues equips him to serve our community with vision, capability and passion as our city faces the next generation of decisions. He is our candidate. He welcomes the privilege of being yours as well.

We invite you to show your community pride and support for the Prebble campaign by featuring a sign of your own. Request a sign for your lawn or window.

At the heart of any community movement is people. We welcome to you to be a part of ours. We have saved you a spot!

Mark is committed to connecting with everyone in our Ward and would enjoy a chance to visit. Schedule a time to chat with Mark here.