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“As your City Councillor, I will serve the diverse interests of our Ward 6 communities with assured and progressive leadership while advancing a vision for Saskatoon as city that is Liveable, Environmentally Sustainable and Inclusive, joining the ranks of the forward-thinking cities in North America – one which people of all ages, races, orientations and abilities can call home and are supported in.”

“How we view our world shapes how we treat it” - Dr. David Suzuki
"Every block, every building, every brick represents innumerable decisions. Decide well, and cities are magic." — Adam Rogers
"It is important for our City Council to provide leadership on the next generation of decisions in city spending, land use, in building a more sustainable future for our children and for enhancing quality of life for all residents. I intend for my education in Public Administration and Economics, my experience in building more livable communities, and my desire to represent a balance of interests to guide me in providing that leadership on City Council." - Mark Prebble
"I will stand to build a city culture where acceptance, optimism and support for others are involuntary reflexes, overcoming indifference and apathy." - Mark Prebble
"Significant financial savings can be achieved by practicing energy efficiency, smart urban design and sustainability. I’ll press for City Hall to achieve these savings, ensuring your municipal tax dollars are prudently spent."  - Mark Prebble